Breakthrough Tennis Training
With Rick Macci
Play Better Tennis
& Get the Competitive Edge

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Play Better Tennis Today!

With this training C.D. you will be listening to a coach who has taught some of the most famous players in tennis!

"Parents who know whats going on go to Rick Macci, he has seen it, done it, and most importantly is with you every step of the way."

-  Tennis Magazine


1. Is this a DVD?

A: No this is an audio product that is meant for listening to on an iPod, iPhone, or other mp3 device.

2. Can I listen to this on iTunes and my iPhone/iPod?

A: Yes, just pop the C.D. into your computer and drag the tracks into iTunes. Get the Competitive Edge is also available for digital download at

3. Can I listen to samples of the tracks?

A: Yes, Click Here to listen to track samples

4. How long is the C.D.

A: The C.D. runs for about 1 hour and 15 minutes

4. What is Paypal and is it safe?

A: Yes Paypal is safe. Paypal is used by millions of people all over the world. It is advertised as "peoples favorite way to pay and get paid." Paypal protects your credit card information and is very secure.
Get the Competitive Edge is a breakthrough tennis training C.D. It helps athletes to play better tennis and gain the mental edge in matches. Rick Macci is famous for his world renowned coaching philosophy and in this C.D. he coaches athletes on how to play to the best of their abilities. Listen in the car, on a plane, before matches and play better tennis today!

Get the Competitive Edge by Rick Macci

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“Rick Macci….The Coach of Phenoms.”
-   Bud Collins

Rick Macci is the worlds top developmental tennis coach. His body of work has become legendary, with having 5 players reach #1 in the world on the Men's and Women's tour! These players being Venus & Serena Williams, Jennifer Capriati, Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick.

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Rick Macci is known for his ability to analyze and correct technical, strategic, and mental deficienses and deliver the message that has resulted in over 124 USTA National Championships since 1985 and all 4 Jr. Grand Slams. Rick is a 7 time coach of the year.

Rick has done dozens of DVD's for the USTA. Check out this clip of Rick explaining how to Volley!

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5 Reasons Why
1. Rick Macci is the Worlds Top Developmental Coach
  • Your Child will be learning from Rick and receiving the same developmental techniques that Rick Macci gave to the Williams Sisters, Andy Roddick, Maria Sharapova and so many others.
2. Your Child Will Play Better Tennis
  • Players who listen to Get the Competitive Edge go into matches and tournaments more confident and mentally ready. They win more matches and increase in the rankings.
3.Better Chance to Receive Scholarships
  • Students Trained in the Macci Philosophy are more likely to receive college scholarships. Each year students of Rick Macci receive thousands of dollars in college scholarship money.
4.Tennis Coaches are Expensive!
  • One hour with a highly experienced tennis coach can be hundreds of dollars. This coaching C.D. is over an hour and can be listened to over and over again making it a great value!
5. Listen on the Go
  • Load these tracks onto your iPhone or iPod so you can listen in the car, on a plane, before your next match, and at night. This C.D. is meant to be listened to at your convenience!

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These recordings are done on court, at the famous Rick Macci Tennis Academy in Boca Raton, to simulate a one-on-one conversation with Rick. Think of this as your own personal session with a master professional in his environment where he THRIVES and has taught the likes of Andy Roddick, Tommy Ho, and Maria Sharapova. This recording is not done in a studio but where the game is played and champions are born...on the court.
Learn from a world renown pro who has coached players like:

Andy Roddick
Venus & Serena Williams
Tommy Ho
Maria Sharapova
Jennifer Capriati
Anastasia Myskina
Mary Pierce
Vince Spadea
Karim Alami

“Macci…the phenom maker.”
-   Star Ledger

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